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Aldros Wisp
Aldros Wisp
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Crescent Cult
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Date of Birth - Death 152PD
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Aliases Crescent Cult Alchemist, The mad wolfman
Class Sorcerer, Moon Priest, Alchemist
Nature Chaotic Evil (Formerly lawful neutral)
"A madman in bars, the world is well rid of Aldros's dark corruption to the Moon"
—Warden Bernard Sworn's remark to Aldros Wisp[src]

Aldros Wisp was a rogue alchemist that joined the Moon Followers and of which later lead the Moon Followers campagian during the War for Katanova . He was locked away within the Flouting Fortress but after the events of the Chaos War he escaped and remains a wanted crimial across the Edra Region. It is suggested that he may play a role within the Child of Moonlight series.