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Aldare Nitefal
Aldare Nitefal as the Revenant Lord
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Cult of Skulls
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Date of Birth - Death 128PD
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Aliases Heir of Horroville, Lord of Horroville, Revenant Lord of Horroville
Class Knight of the Eagle (Formerly), Revenant
Nature Chaotic Neutral (formally Lawful Good)

Aldare Nitefal, reffered to as Aldare the Dammed or just Aldare was a Lanien noble, the son & heir to Horro Nitefal of Horroville. Aldare became a Knight of the Eagle, seriving as royal guard and champion to Andrew Katanova until his father's death in 146PD were Aldare became Lord of Horroville

Aldare was to be married to Andrew's first born daughter Maria until the outbreak of the War of Bones were she had had been taken hostage by her former lover Mardrake Transfer. Aldare fought valiantly as head of Andrews drafted army but he could not stem the tide of undead legions.

Aldare was eventually captured by the Cult of Skulls following the Horroville Massacre, to which they made an example of him by first killing him, then deforming his spirit into a Wraith which was bound to the will of the Cult.

With the Cults demise some time after Aldare's death, his wraith took up residence within the ruins of Horroville were his twisted malice would haunt the lands for eternity.

Biography Edit

Birth & Childhood Edit

Aldare Nitefal was born in the town of Horroville to Horro & Hilda Nitefal in 128PD, he was the first born child which made him heir to his father's Lordship, Aldare had two sisters Megan and Thedora and a younger brother Bernard. In Aldare's childhood, he often played sword fighting and horseback riding with his younger brother and would often pick on his sisters, Aldare had as tenacious but boys truss attitude which many saw as being disrespectful and mean spirited. But Aldare was always loyal to the King's and respected the code of law, despite often disobeying them for his own enjoyment.

Knight of the Eagle Training Edit

After being hand picked under the children of the noble families to be trained as a Knight of the Eagle. Aldare vacated his residence with his family in Horroville and moved to the Knighthood’s hall within Katastar, were he spent the next 4 years training to become one of the prestigious Knighthood members. Only being able to write to his family 6 months with no word back as to how they have been getting on themselves. Training was difficult and strenuous at best, as every aspect of Aldare’s physical and mental endurance was put to the test in order to best be ready for when the time would come that he would have to defend his Liege with his own life if need be.

Once Aldare completed his training and became a fledged junior member of the Knighthood, he was assigned to the easiest royal guard duties within the Kingdom: maintaining a watch over the King during his day-to-day transactions within the Palace. Despite his young and novice experience within the Knighthood, he was soon picked out by King Andrew himself, and was given the opurtinty to be one of Andrew’s representatives within the annual Scorn Fighting Tournment, held in close proximity to the Arena Games.

Lord of Horroville Edit

Aldare Nitefal

Concept of Aldare Nitefal as Lord of Horroville

To Be Continued

Trivia Edit

  • Aldare was originally named Aldari Nightbane, however the name was altared as Dari was now more commonly used in Elven names.
  • Aldare originally was partnered with a wife named Evelynn Nightbane, who survived the Horroville Massacure and joined the Renegades as a bandit lord.
  • Aldare's corruption to a wraith and serivtude to the enemy was loosly inspired by the Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Rise of the Lich King character - Karsh