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Concept of Aher'gun within his true form
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Chaos Horde, Mash'gulur
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases lieutenant of the Chaos Horde, Leader of the Mash'gulur
Class Hellspawn Gateguard
Nature Lawful Evil

Aher'gun is a Hellspawn Gateguard who took over leadership of the remaining forces of the Chaos Horde after the Chaos War and began the Mash'gulur. He leads the Hellic forces in the Infernal Conflict.

Biography Edit

Aher'gun like many of Hellspawn was brought into the universe as a tool of warfare for the corrupted god Xecien in the realm of Infinia. As a Gateguard, Aher'gun was born as a front line warrior with no regard for his own life and that of his fellow hellics, only to kill as many non chaotic demons as he could before he fell. With no other form of life to go by, Aher'gun performed his duties to the best of his new found abilities. He fought in constant conflicts of the Hellics


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