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Concept Of Aamos
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Celestris (Formelly), Fessire
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Date of Birth - Death Unkown (Before Pre-dated history)
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Aliases Lieutenant of Thanatos (Pre-Corruption) Angel of Decay (Post-Corruption)
Class Angel Warrior
Nature Chaotic Evil (Formerly Chaotic Good)

Aamos is an Angel who leads the forces of  The Blight for his master; Fessire. Originally a lieutenant under Thanatos for the Angelic Army. Aamos fell from grace after being abandoned by his comrades on Gaia and the blight took over his mind.



Aamos came into being like all other Angels, as the Demonkin of the Goddess of Light Celestris, Aamos along with other his brothers were soldiers serving under the Archangels Velrada , Sealiam and Thanatos for the Endless War

Endless WarEdit

Aamos along Thanatos fought and accompanied Sealiam's forces during the Endless War by defending the Titan's Palace from Aspiral King's Attempts to penerate it. He Fought side by side with Thanatos.

The CorruptionEdit

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Concept of Aamos Before His Corruption

Aamos was sent to Unnamed planet for Search of Corruption Of Blight, he was confronted by creatures corrupted by The Corruption of Blight. He slayed many of the creatures until he was caught off guard by the corruption, Even how pure Angels were the corruption still, started corrupting Aamos' body and will after reaching his core. Aamos struggled with the corruption he did attempt to escape but he had already lost his powers to travel back to Heaven.

The EscapeEdit

The Corruption took over Aamos' body and will slowly, small bits remaining from Aamos still struggled with the corruption that was taking over his body and will. It took another 5 million years for the corruption to take over Aamos' body and will succesfully destroying the remaining bits of Aamos. It was until then the corruption could move from the unnamed planet to Terfall the nearest planet with pure lifeforms. The corruption finally created a portal between the two worlds and moved to Terfall.

The ConfrontationEdit

It wasn't long until The Corruption was found by The Angel Scouts. The Heavens sent 10 High-rank Angels to eradicate what was left from Aamos, and purge the corruption. It didn't take long until the 10 angels confronted Aamos and clashed in a fierce battle. It took 5 days and 5 nights for the 10 High-rank angels to purge the corruption from Aamos' body. Still, it is unknown was Aamos killed in the progress or did he survive.


  • Requested By Immortal_Wraith
  • Aamos is A Prophet from The Old Testament.


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